Religion, at the root

Religion has been with man from our beginning, and seems destined to be with us forever. Who, however, are its creators, and what is its purpose? The God of the Bible made man with a spirit Job 32: 8. This spirit gives us our unique likeness to God Genesis 1: 26.

It also gives us our ability to acquire knowledge and be creative and inventive. We are thus the most creative and inventive of all physical beings. This spirit, however, is not complete. God gave it to us like this for our own good. We must strive to become spiritually complete and fulfilled Matthew 11: 28 John 4: 14.

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Religion, the conclusion

Our spirit needs God to infuse it with his divine spirit and make it whole, perfect Matthew 5: 48. When this happens, we will become divine and eternal members of the god family, sons of God. Christ will be our elder brother Romans 8: 29. This will happen when Christ returns 1 Corinthians 15: 52. He will grant It to those who qualify for it through the grace of God. Those persons who receive it would also have kept the ten commandments 1 Corinthians 6: 9.

God created for us the ideal spiritual life as far back as in the garden of Eden Genesis 3: 3. He created this way of life for us so that we might become one with him for our own good. We rejected his recommended way and its destination, for our own way and its outcome. He still calls us to his way, and to him as its destination. Will we heed his call?

by Edward Fagan


4 thoughts on “Religion, Opium Of The People?

  1. My Father (who is still with us) used to say that sport was the opium of the people. I also believe that is the same with religion, it does unite a lot of people and gives them common ground to discuss. Whilst I am not particularly religious myself, I do appreciate reading and digesting the contents of your essays Edward. I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I will continue to do so whenever I can and will offer thoughts and/or opinions on topics that I feel I can make a specific contribution to 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments, toofulltowrite. They are always encouraging and welcome. Marx, as you well know, used the statement in his famous work on communism. Marx, an avowed atheist who was familiar with all four of the world’s great religions, was making a critical remark on religion in general. I attempted to question the accuracy of the remark in light of my position, and the biblical quotes I used. There is room in this awesome world for both the religious and the irreligious. Some of the best people are irreligious, and some of the most wicked people are religious.

      1. TY Edward. It’s sad that this is the case in your last sentence. At least with aspects of religious teachings, their intentions are to steer people towards honourable and noble goals. It’s such a shame when evil people rob from and/or destroy this intention in religion. As with anything thankfully the good outweighs the bad. I believe in being a good person and seeing the good in as many people as possible. I also don’t see religions as bad, for the very reason that people turn to them in their time of guidance and to follow their wisdom. Thank you for your enlightening reply.

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