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by Edward Fagan

Progress, is it inevitable?

Progress is inevitable in all important areas of life, history shows. Every man should have the right of access to such improvement as it comes. Some leaders, however, are against allowing such universal access to improvement.

Such leaders also see access to progress as a special right reserved for a privileged few. These leaders think and act like this where ever they are. They often live a life of decadence, corruption and immorality, and blatantly disregard the rights of women and certain groups.

The policies they implement often serve the personal and other interests of their small circle of friends and associates.  Their policies serve their interests while quietly suppressing the majority and depriving them of opportunities for improvement.

These leaders do not learn from the lessons of history. King Louis XV1 is a good example of how such leaders will rule when given a free hand. His and his monarchy’s fate, consequently, show the likely outcome of such rulership.

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by Edward Fagan



2 thoughts on “Progress, History And Leadership

  1. I couldn’t agree more Edward. History will judge these leaders accordingly, it is a shame that so many common people have to suffer right now but the tide will inevitably turn as it always does. As long as we are continually willing to fight for our rights and ways to improve ourselves/situations for the benefit of others, we stand a chance of changing things for the better, one step at a time, no matter how long it takes.

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