By Edward Fagan

Education, and training the mind

Education in the specific sense is “Cultivation or training of the mind. Such cultivation or training which creates a certain mental set or posture from which will flow values and assumptions.”. This training, therefore, develops in us ability to reason, to be objective, and and to have a sense of values. It prepares us for life. It can also help tame the beast in us, and can help reduce crime and lawlessness.

These ideal qualities are vitally important everywhere and for all time. The formal academic curriculum is the lifeblood of education. We, thus, should never reduce it to one that merely prepares people for work. Toward this end, formal education reformers and fiscal crusaders, therefore, should look to reform vocational learning and training.

Vocational training, preparing people for work

In this regard, vocational instruction and training provide fertile ground for constant improvement and expansion. These prepare us for the world of work, which is forever growing, changing and adapting.

by Edward Fagan

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2 thoughts on “Education, A Few Words About It

  1. Fully agree Edward, excellent talking point you have raised. The purpose of education should not solely be geared towards preparing people to work because it ignores all of the other wonderful facets to life that a broad range of knowledge skills can be used for, be it to help others or to even gain a greater understanding of our purpose in the world and the very nature of how things work to allow us to suggest improvements to benefit us all for the foreseeable future 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insight here. I wish many of those who teach, or are responsible for curriculum planning at all levels, would see this situation as you and I do.

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