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Altered reality, a little about it

Altered Reality is a term that seems to accurately describe a certain prevailing practice. This practice, incidentally, is drawing an increasing number of followers. It also attracts a growing number of people who are always ready to spring to its defense, despite its absurdity.


In this practice, one instantly becomes the gender of one’s choice. One becomes that gender simply by declaring publicly that one is that gender. The declaration does it all. There’s no verification process, independent or otherwise, to support one’s new gender status.

Is the new gender status reversible? Yes, one can reverse it at anytime. Can one reciprocate between both genders? Yes, one may do so whenever one chooses.


Are there any plans to create a third gender in this world of altered reality? Yes, there are plans to create a few more genders. Anything is possible here. We are, however, not sure what form these will take. This is an unpredictable world so one can expect some surprises.

Altered reality, ignoring it can be costly

Just in case anyone thinks this is mere role-playing, they need to look again.

The law courts impose fines on persons who refuse to recognize altered gender reality. The courts have been doing this since 2013. Some states even offer special protection to persons of altered gender status.

Outside of the law courts, the media, other organizations and individuals castigate those who do not recognize this new reality. No wonder that comedians shun this topic in silence.

Some say altered gender persons are just playing a role or acting out a part. Others say all of the world is a stage, and everyone is a player in it. Altered gender persons, if the first statement is true, are also fulfilling the second statement. They are acting out their role on the world’s stage.

by Edward Fagan

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2 thoughts on “Altered Reality, Role-playing And Gender

  1. Plans to create a few more genders other than male and female? I think people have been watching too much Star Trek and other Sci-Fi TV programs. I only see male and female and if we change our gender via operation then we are switching from one to the other anyway. I think people are just trying to do this to mess with the governments and make census taking more difficult, along with trying to make themselves stand out more as a small handful of individuals.

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