By Edward Fagan

Mental Health, and politicians?

Mental health and politicians provide us with an interesting topic which we can discuss for ages. We have had this topic around for quite a while. Remember when a king of the ancient Babylonian super power became mentally ill. He remained in this state for seven years, Daniel 4: 31-34. This king ruled during the period 605-562 B.C.

Politicians in this state, besides, have always provided satirists and comedians with great working material. They have also provided audiences to comedy shows with good reasons to attend them.

Should our political leaders mental state matter to us, and do we need to monitor their mental state? Yes, their mental state should matter to us, and we need to monitor it. Given these two answers we should be able to detect quite early, signs of existing or oncoming mental illness.

In the event we detect such mental illness, there is a sensible solution that addresses this problem. We can thus use this solution to remove such a person from office smoothly and efficiently.

The sensible solution I refer to above is the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It reflects the vision and foresight of the founding fathers of the U.S., even though it was ratified in 1967.

This is an awesome document and it has universal appeal and application. Other democratic countries can also adopt it to meet those needs and requirements that fall within its scope.

by Edward Fagan

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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monitoring Of Politicians

  1. It certainly is a sensible solution. It would be a shame to have to invoke it but its very existence is there to help protect its constituents. As much as I like the comedians and satirists who focus on politics, I would rather they were forced to move on to other targets or out of a job if all the problems with politics were cleared up. However, since this is unlikely to happen overnight, all we can do is keep making our voices heard and enjoy how comedians and satirists can cut to the heart of issues and highlight their plight better than the news media can most of the time.

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