Personal info, what do we have here?

Personal info can be as much fun to give as it can be to read.

I love writing very much and write whenever I can write. I thus welcome every opportunity to write, whether it is for a minor or a major purpose. The call to write I always answer, whether the occasion requires a little writing or a lot of writing. I even enjoy writing lists and making entries in the diary.

Why do I love writing? I’m not sure, but I know I love what I experience whenever I write.

I am a conceptual thinker who never stops thinking. This explains why I always write essays and creative composition over other forms of writing. Writing also allows me the best possible opportunity to record my thoughts in the world around me.

I thus look forward to publishing my first collection of essays.

To me, reading is equally as important and enjoyable as writing. I therefore, especially enjoy reading the writings of my fellow bloggers.

I also love communicating with others through writing, hence my love of blogging. All forms of technology, especially information and communications technology, fascinate me. Over the years, I have thus acquired a degree of fluency with information and communications technology.

People and their welfare are important to me. This is why I write so much about people and human suffering.

The arts, especially literature and architecture, are also very important to me.

The environment and its protection mean everything to me, and I have written about these in the past.

by Edward Fagan

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