Drinkers guilt

This is an original essay written by Edward Fagan. 

Drinkers guilt need not be a problem for non-drinkers but some drinkers think that this should be the case.

Teetotalers who politely refuses alcohol from persons who drink often experience attempts by such persons to pressure them to drink. Some drinkers even think that they should force persons who naturally hate alcohol, to drink. Drinkers often tell non-drinkers that they could as well drink because they are still going to die.

According to these drinkers, you could as well take unnecessary and avoidable risks of premature death because death is inevitable. It seems fitting that some drinkers would always make a reference to death in discussions involving drinking and non- drinking.

It also seems fitting that some non-drinkers would always make a reference to the optimistic and positive aspects of living. They emphasize a sensible and practical life, and the resulting advantages of health and wellness.

These drinking enthusiasts, additionally, assume the right of choice between drinking and non-drinking; but they are usually unwilling to grant that same right of choice to non-drinking, health and wellness enthusiasts.

By Edward Fagan