About this blog which shares with readers, my original writings

About this blog, I can say that it truly reflects my love of writing, and my lasting interest in people. It also reflects my love of the wonderful gift of information technology that we have.

I love writing, and write original: fiction, creative composition and essays. In addition to this, whenever there’s an opportunity to write, I welcome it. I like taking notes, making diary entries, writing lists, etc.

Looking forward, I hope to publish my first collection of short stories some time soon. I shall follow this up with a second collection of short stories, and then a novel.

I also enjoy reading fiction, creative composition and essays that others write.

There are other arts, including architecture, especially as it relates to houses, in which I have an interest.

The posts of this blog reflect my concern for people and their interests and welfare.

I have an interest in environmental concerns and give moral support to efforts aimed at protecting the ecosystem.

In this blog I aim to be objective and accurate. I also aim to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to write in good taste. I hope that I achieve these aims through out this blog.

By Edward Fagan