For Love of Country Etc.

For Love of Country

A well known presidential candidate recently expressed hope that the intelligence agency of a long time enemy of his country had succeeded in hacking the e-mails of one of his presidential election rivals. This presidential election rival is one of his  country’s former Secretaries of State.

He also encouraged that country to reveal any such hacked e-mails to the public in his own country. That expressed hope and encouragement were mentioned in a recent news conference covered by foreign news agencies.

The presidential candidate is a known admirer of this long time enemy of his country. This long time enemy of his country has nuclear tipped ICBM’s aimed at every city in his country.

He does not seem to understand the enormity of his expressed hope and encouragement. This expressed hope and encouragement brings into question, his long standing claim that he loves his country and fellow countrymen; and that if he’s elected president, he’s going to serve his country’s best interests.

Shakespeare, Genius and God

William Shakespeare, England’s national poet, the Bard of Avon, the greatest writer in the English Language and the World’s greatest playwright, was only educated to secondary level.

It embarrasses some people of a tertiary education background that a man of such  humble educational status could write so well, and alone bear the awesome titles mentioned above.

Some members of the tertiary educated fraternity set out to deny that he ever did exist. This failed as the records showed that he lived and died. The next step was to claim his greatness for one of their own.

Such persons who they wanted to credit with his work include, Christopher Marlowe  (Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, University of Oxford) and Francis Bacon (Bachelor’s degree, University of Cambridge, and successful Law study, Gray’s Inn).

Francis Bacon was a statesman, in addition to being a writer; he also was a member of parliament for nearly four decades.

These two men, and others like them, who are suggested by the tertiary educated fraternity as likely writers of Shakespeare’s works are not the writers of those works. These men had no reason to hide behind his name. They were men of good standing in the eyes of the government and society of their day.

William Shakespeare was blessed by God with rare literary genius; and he was inspired by this rare literary genius to write the extraordinary master pieces with which he is credited.

By Edward Fagan


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