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Health, The Best Bodily State

Love’s a quality and action

Love’s outgoing care and concern for the other person. It is both an abstract noun, and a verb.

We experience the former as an objectively good, joyful inner quality, accompanied by an urge to protect and serve others. This results in our selfless concrete action that helps and gives to others.

This genuine selfless action reveals the presence of love the experience.
Both aspects of love must coexist if love is to be present.

By Edward Fagan

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Health, The Best Bodily State

‘Health, The Best Bodily State’ is an original essay that I wrote. Below is an extract from that essay.

Health, what we must do to achieve it

The body must become acid free to be disease free. Internal organs especially need biominerals for optimal functioning. (The pancreas needs zinc, the brain needs iron etc.) Those organs absorb and benefit from biominerals only, therefore we need only take such biominerals. Non biominerals or acid based minerals will not work but will contribute to the disease state.

We must use only Alkaline based nutrition to be free of all disease, as only this will work. Acid based nutrition will create and maintain the mucus-forming acid state. This acid state will make the body disease prone and prevent it from reaching the ideal state of health. We must follow an alkaline diet to be free from all diseases.

By Edward Fagan