Evolution And Our Mental Faculties

Evolution, is it only physical?

Evolution theorists tell us about human physical evolution. They are yet to tell us if there ever was human mental and intellectual development in this regard. They need to explain this aspect of our development to us, if it did occur.

According to these theorists, man and the primates have a common ancestor. We and they thus share a gene and blood connection. We have these wonderful mental and intellectual faculties but they do not. They are thus equal to the other animals.

Our mental and intellectual faculties give us awesome power of thought, and unique ability to invent and innovate. When did these mental and intellectual faculties appear, and why? Did they develop over time as our bodies did?

We are the only living physical entities who have hands? Is there a connection between our having these mental and intellectual faculties and our having hands?

By Edward Fagan

Edward Fagan Blog

November 14, 2017

(This is a previously published original post that I accidentally deleted from the blog. I thought it necessary that I republished it into the blog.)


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