Faith, A Necessary Fact Of Life

Faith, the background

Faith, more so than fact, forms the basis of most of our daily actions. Many examples bear this out.

We accept on the basis of faith in them, the couple who love and raise us as our parents. Likewise, we show this same trust when we visit our doctor, and take our prescription to the pharmacist. We never question our doctor or our pharmacist ability to provide the care we seek. We trust our fellow man every day of our life.

People are not so willing to act based on trusting God and his word. From the very beginning we distrusted God and disobeyed him. Some say men wrote the Bible so it is fallible.

Atheists and sceptics say they reject the existence of God because they can not prove it. They, however, accept his nonexistence without being able to prove it.

By Edward Fagan

Edward Fagan Blog

November 7, 2017

(This is a previously published original post that I accidentally deleted from the blog. I thought it necessary that I republished it into the blog.)


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