Policing Practices And Their Effectiveness

Policing, a vital service

Policing is an important field. Every society requiring people to act within its laws must have a police force to ensure this happens. Society thus must highly train and properly equip its police force. This police force can then perform its duty efficiently and effectively within the law..

This police force must also employ qualified and impartial selectors. It must, additionally, use an effective selection process for screening applicants.

The police force should also select only the most suitable applicants available. They should recruit only applicants with the best possible character. Such applicants, trained by the ideal basic and continuing training programmes, will become good policemen.

Where the force practises illegal and habitual physical violence against citizens, authorities should launch an independent and impartial enquiry. Such an enquiry should also exist where the force shows signs of corruption.

The law courts should prosecute members of the force who are guilty of illegal physical acts against citizens. The courts should also prosecute those members who perform acts of corruption.

Evidence of habitual physical abuse, or habitual corruption should also prompt a review of several areas of the force. This review should look at, among other areas and people, selection and recruitment processes, and recruiters. It should also look at training and appraisal, and their methods and content.

By Edward Fagan

Edward Fagan Blog

November 26, 2017

(This is a previously published original post that I accidentally deleted from the blog. I thought it necessary that I republished it into the blog.)


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