Single Parenting without An Abusive Dad

Single parent mothers who do a good job at it are always better for the home and children; likewise, an abusive and careless father is useless.

One of the features of the ideal home is where both parents and children live together; but sometimes both mother and children suffer abuse when they live with the father.

When this happens, the mother and children should move away from the father, or ask him to move away from them.

Several abusive fathers lived in the neighborhood in which I grew up; and regularly those fathers abused the mothers of their children in the presence of the children; and some of my friends who lived in those homes shared their experiences with me.

A single parent home where the mother and children had to escape from an abusive father can be a loving, warm and happy home.

I grew up in a home with only my mother and three sisters; and my mother was loving, strong, independent and strict; and she performed her role as a single parent faultlessly. Our mother protected our family and home from abuse and we shared love, peace and freedom.

By Edward Fagan

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