Vision-less People: I Admire Them

Vision-less people, credit and admiration

Vision-less persons are a strong, fearless and easy-going bunch; but we do not realize this. We thus do not give them half as much credit and recognition as they deserve.

Living without physical vision and going about their daily affairs normally, as many of these people do, seem totally impossible. They yet function and perform life’s tasks without giving up or constantly complaining.

We who can see do all of the complaining and we’re the ones who create all of the problems. This, perhaps, is why we who have sight suffer the most from anxiety.

I’m therefore not surprised to find that most sightless people are relaxed and contented. Many of us, perhaps, would not function as well as they do if we were in their situation.

Recently I watched one of these persons walking briskly and with good bearing while tapping his stick against the pavement; and he seemed confident and sure of where he was going. He also reached his destination safely and returned home safely.

I’ll continue to sympathize with and assist these persons; and I’ll also continue to recognize their success at living with the daily problems that they face.

By Edward Fagan

The Weekly Thought

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