Indifference, love and hate 

Indifference does not share any similarities with love or hate. But love and hate as qualities do share similarities which prevent them from being opposites.

While indifference as a quality unbinds us from its objects, both love and hate draw us toward their respective objects. Hence, indifference is the opposite of both love and hate, and love and hate are similar to each other.

And this is true although desires that motivate us when we practise love or hate are opposites of each other. Also, our acts of love or hate affect others in ways that are opposites of each other.

And there’re going to be times that we need to distance ourselves from certain objects or activities. So on such occasions we can choose to be indifferent toward those objects or activities to our advantage.

Emasculating Men

Emasculation of some partners in a relationship is an act that some females think they can’t avoid to do.

These females also think that they can succeed in such emasculation without their partner realizing what they’re doing. Furthermore, these females think that their partner should accept this treatment when he starts to experience it. They think, too, that he should not leave the relationship after he starts to suffer from their attempt to emasculate him.

Well, that’s fine for these females but not for some of us males as we just exit the relationship. Such females then are wondering why no male stays in a relationship with them; and in their old age many of these females are going to end up confused, and all alone by themselves.

By Edward Fagan

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Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activists defend a good cause and I support them all the way; but still, I want to raise a few points in this area.

Around the world, humans have created bodies to protect and defend animals and their rights. We create and maintain shelters for animals; and raise funds for veterinarian services and to cover the costs of prosecuting animal abusers in the law courts.

Animal rights and protecting human life

When humans abuse domestic animals, activists quickly and correctly stand up and defend the animals. Sometimes, however, domestic animals kill humans, but when this happens activists refuse to respond.

Occasionally, somebody’s pit bull slays a little child from another family, but the activists say and do nothing. They do not even extend condolences to the child’s family.

Is somebody saying that animal rights are more important than the life of a human? I hope not because the Bible says otherwise in John 3: 16, and in other parts of scripture; and Christ died and resurrected for humans only.

Should activists assist families of humans that animals without owners, or of unknown owners fatally attacked without provocation, after such attacks? If the answer to this question is yes, then activists can consider two choices.

They can create a fund to assist the families of persons who animals fatally attacked. Or otherwise they could assist such families from resources they currently use to defend animals against abuse from us.

Or do we need to create a human rights body to identify and protect our rights against animals? This body could offer at least moral support to victims of unprovoked and sometimes fatal attacks from animals?

By Edward Fagan

Children’s Rights, Protecting Them From Us

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