Proof And God’s Existence: Briefly

Proof of God’s existence through physical observation is what some people constantly seek.

And they deny God’s existence because they’re unable to find such proof. Yet they accept his nonexistence without being able to prove it.

And strangely, they do not seek such physical evidence in other areas of life. As they accept phenomena, partake in activities and interact with others daily without proving anything first.

So, do they demand proof of the safety of food and drink first before they dine at a restaurant? Thus, like the rest of us, they generally live by faith rather than proof.

Plus, there’s evidence whose existence we can only verify by our own personal experience of such evidence. And we can not demonstrate to others verification of such evidence.

We prove to our self, the existence of our own physical pain when we experience it. But we can not prove to others the existence of that pain. Similarly, we can prove to our self God’s existence. Yet we can not demonstrate that proof of God’s existence to others.

By Edward Fagan

(I promise to show how we can prove God’s existence in the next post.)

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