Knowing Our Spirit By Experiencing It

“Knowing”, we all agree, is a beneficial, important and joyful process. But there are some points about it that I wish to raise here. So, I start by asking the first of three questions below.

1. Knowing, how do we know anything?

We know something by using any means or method that allows us: truthful information about it, and understanding of it.

Our fine education system, naturally, promotes the logical approach to knowing. And it trains and encourages us to use and rely on the scientific approach to knowing. Plus, the scientific approach allows us to achieve correct, precise and accurate results in studies, tests, enquiries etc. So when we first attempt to study and understand an object, we usually choose the scientific approach.

But the scientific approach relies on observation using the five senses for gathering information of its object of study. And this information is analyzed to provide understanding of that object of study. Hence, it is only capable of allowing us to study and know physical matter and its behaviour. So it is not capable of allowing us to know and understand the human spirit. Job 32:8.

2. Knowing, is there one way  by which we can know things, or several ways by which we can know things?

There is not one way by which we can know things, but several ways by which we can know things.

So the scientific approach is not the only way of knowing there is.

Also there is another way of knowing that allows us to know the spirit within us. Job 32:8. And this way allows us to know through experience rather than through physical observation. Thus, we know this spirit through experiencing it.

And we can experience this spirit through our normal everyday state of mind. Also, we can experience it through visions, dreams, trances etc.

Also, I am one of those who experience this human spirit daily. Job 32:8. And I prove what Luke 17:21 says.

And many of us within the Christian faith can testify that spiritual existence is as real as physical existence.

3. Knowing,  what about the nature  of things , do all things have the same nature or  do things have  different  natures ?

Well, all things do not have the same nature. So things do have different natures.

And, as indicated above, physical matter has its own nature. Also, spiritual substance has its own nature. But many of us pay much more interest to our physical side. And we pay less interest to the spirit that is within us. Job 32:8.


By Edward Fagan






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