The Christian Life, According To The Bible

The Christian life requires us who choose it, to do certain things and to avoid doing other things. And so God gives us clear instruction in the Bible about what we must do, and avoid to do.

But what must we do and avoid doing in order to live this life? Well, here’s the truth.

Firstly, through Adam’s sin, we incurred the resulting eternal death penalty. But God sent his only spiritually begotten son to die in place of us. John 3:16. And thus we do not have to die eternally because of our inherited sinfulness. But Christ also resurrected to eternal life for our sake. So, we also can resurrect to eternal life in the future.

Therefore, Christ death and resurrection allow us the choice to become spiritually begotten sons of God and brothers of Christ. Romans 8:29. Thus we can be spiritually born into the God family. John 3:5.

So, through Christ’s death and resurrection we live and can serve our divine purpose. And this is the case even though Adam and Eve fell down. And we share the same divine purpose as they, and are as human as they were. Therefore God expects us, as much as he expected them, to uphold his eternal spiritual laws. And these are the same laws they fell down for, because they did not uphold them.

The Christian life: what we must do

• Therefore, we must accept that Christ died and resurrected so that we also can resurrect to eternal life.

• Thus we must repent of our sinful actions. (To repent is to stop committing sinful acts and instead do the opposite of this. Acts 3:19. And sin is deviating from God’s spiritual law. Romans 2:12-16; 7:12.)

• And we must keep the ten commandments and other Biblical rules. Matthew 19:17-19. Romans 2:12-16; 7:12.

• Also, we must pray regularly. And we must remember that God answers only the prayers of the righteous. Proverbs 15:29.

• And we must be baptized in water. Acts 2:37-39.

And in us who actively live this way of life, God will send the holy spirit. Thus he will help us get up when we fall. So that we will grow spiritually and become born of the holy spirit. And finally, we will fullfil the awesome divine destiny that God has in store for us.


By Edward Fagan



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