About us, this blog 


About us, this blog? Well, I simply write original essays and post them to the blog. And these essays are about the Bible and its teaching and practices and  related topics.

Also, I write original fiction elsewhere and hope to publish it in book form in the future.

Perhaps I should mention here one of the post features of the blog, namely: “Briefly”.

“Briefly” is a caption under which I post a short essay once or twice a week. And this essay, usually, is under three hundred words. 

I also publish longer posts to the blog at regular intervals as is normally the case.

Oh, and I created this blog out of my love for both writing and blogging.


About Us

About us, myself

Here is where I say a little about myself.

And I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and keep the ten commandments. And I also keep the other laws of the Bible.  

Also, I live a healthy lifestyle which includes a strict vegetarian diet, and love the outdoors, nature, hiking and motor cycling.

And I pay much attention to environmental and conservation issues and activities.

During my leisure time I read quite a bit, and appreciate the arts especially literature, architecture and classical music.

And I follow closely, matters pertaining to: business, commerce, economics, society, politics and history.

And I have an interest in technology and its use. Thus I use and keep abreast of several different forms of technology.


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