About this blog 

About this blog? Well, I created it out of a love for writing and communicating. And I also created it to share my ideas and opinions with as many people as I can. 

I write only original essays. And I write about topics which deal with people’s welfare. And these topics include God and the Bible.     

Also, “Briefly” is a caption under which I publish a very short post in the blog, once or twice a week.

About me

Yes, here is where I say something concerning myself.

And I’m self-employed, so I follow closely business, commerce and economics. But I also follow society, politics and technology.

Also, I live a healthy lifestyle which includes a strict diet. And I love the outdoors, nature and hiking. And I also pay attention to environmental and conservation issues and activities.

Additionally, during my leisure time I read. And I appreciate the arts, especially literature, architecture and classical music.

By Edward Fagan


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