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Blog writing brings much joy to those who practice it. It offers us total freedom to choose our writing topics and whether or not we will be objective and truthful.

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In these posts I set myself a simple but lofty goal, namely, to rescue obscure or concealed truth. Where do I look for such truth to rescue? I look at various topics whose truth or falsehood others might sometimes fail to grasp, or even forget. I also look at topics in which others deliberately try to conceal truth.

At all times, I must therefore be objective and accurate.

I also aim to share any understanding and clarity of thought I gain through looking at these topics with all who will read the blog’s posts and pages.

This sharing of understanding, naturally, flows in both directions, hence I welcome all replies to the blog’s posts.

Such sharing of understanding and its outcome should, hopefully, increase the blog’s usefulness and its appeal to readers.

To achieve the “simple but lofty goal” mentioned above, I must be objective and accurate. I must also be sensitive to the feelings of others, and must write in good taste. I hope I succeed in performing these tasks.

Sincerely, I also hope that readers benefit from reading the posts and pages of this blog, as I enjoy writing them.

By Edward Fagan