Personal, a general outline

Personal information sharing between like-minded persons, even in small amounts, can foster understanding and appreciation between such persons.


I love writing and write whenever I get the opportunity to do so. This includes keeping a daily diary and writing notes and making lists whenever I can.

Blogging particularly appeals to me because it allows me almost unlimited freedom to write. As a blogger, I can write wherever, whenever, however and about whatever I choose to write.

It also gives my writing access to a large and worldwide readership. I thus have the assurance as a blogger that readers are willing to at least peep at my written work. I find this very comforting.

Reading is the fraternal twin relative of writing; and I love to read. I thus enjoy reading and replying to the writings of fellow bloggers.

Personal, a closer look

My work activities, interests and experiences inform and influence my writing and the topics about which I write.

I operate a small business and have an interest in business, commerce, economics, society, and politics.

I also have an interest in the environment and conservation issues and wildlife preservation.

The arts hold a strong attraction for me, especially literature and architecture.

Information technology is another area in which I have an interest and practical involvement.

As a blogger I am optimistic, and look forward with fellow bloggers to years of joyful blogging.

By Edward Fagan