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The Christian life requires us who choose it, to do certain things and to avoid doing other things. And so God gives us clear instruction in the Bible about what we must do, and avoid to do.

But what must we do and avoid doing in order to live this life? Well, here’s the truth.

Firstly, through Adam’s sin, we incurred the resulting eternal death penalty. But God sent his only spiritually begotten son to die in place of us. John 3:16. And thus we do not have to die eternally because of our inherited sinfulness. But Christ also resurrected to eternal life for our sake. So, we also can resurrect to eternal life in the future.

Therefore, Christ death and resurrection allow us the choice to become spiritually begotten sons of God and brothers of Christ. Romans 8:29. Thus we can be spiritually born into the God family. John 3:5.

So, through Christ’s death and resurrection we live and can serve our divine purpose. And this is the case even though Adam and Eve fell down. And we share the same divine purpose as they, and are as human as they were. Therefore God expects us, as much as he expected them, to uphold his eternal spiritual laws. And these are the same laws they fell down for, because they did not uphold them.

The Christian life: what we must do

• Therefore, we must accept that Christ died and resurrected so that we also can resurrect to eternal life.

• Thus we must repent of our sinful actions. (To repent is to stop committing sinful acts and instead do the opposite of this. Acts 3:19. And sin is deviating from God’s spiritual law. Romans 2:12-16; 7:12.)

• And we must keep the ten commandments and other Biblical rules. Matthew 19:17-19. Romans 2:12-16; 7:12.

• Also, we must pray regularly. And we must remember that God answers only the prayers of the righteous. Proverbs 15:29.

• And we must be baptized in water. Acts 2:37-39.

And in us who actively live this way of life, God will send the holy spirit. Thus he will help us get up when we fall. So that we will grow spiritually and become born of the holy spirit. And finally, we will fullfil the awesome divine destiny that God has in store for us.


By Edward Fagan



Prayer: Here's The Best Way To Do It: Briefly

Prayer in the formal sense is a ritual act that many people practise at certain times or on certain occasions. And this is prayer as a formal ritual act of worship.

But also, we can worship God continuously and during every moment of our life on a daily basis. And we do this when we daily keep the ten commandments and follow God’s will for us.

And in so doing, we are constantly and informally praying to, and worshipping God with our life. So that our actions are more convincing of our character and intentions, than our private or public utterances toward God.

By Edward Fagan

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“Knowing”, we all agree, is a beneficial, important and joyful process. But there are some points about it that I wish to raise here. So, I start by asking the first of three questions below.

1. Knowing, how do we know anything?

We know something by using any means or method that allows us: truthful information about it, and understanding of it.

Our fine education system, naturally, promotes the logical approach to knowing. And it trains and encourages us to use and rely on the scientific approach to knowing. Plus, the scientific approach allows us to achieve correct, precise and accurate results in studies, tests, enquiries etc. So when we first attempt to study and understand an object, we usually choose the scientific approach.

But the scientific approach relies on observation using the five senses for gathering information of its object of study. And this information is analyzed to provide understanding of that object of study. Hence, it is only capable of allowing us to study and know physical matter and its behaviour. So it is not capable of allowing us to know and understand the human spirit. Job 32:8.

2. Knowing, is there one way  by which we can know things, or several ways by which we can know things?

There is not one way by which we can know things, but several ways by which we can know things.

So the scientific approach is not the only way of knowing there is.

Also there is another way of knowing that allows us to know the spirit within us. Job 32:8. And this way allows us to know through experience rather than through physical observation. Thus, we know this spirit through experiencing it.

And we can experience this spirit through our normal everyday state of mind. Also, we can experience it through visions, dreams, trances etc.

Also, I am one of those who experience this human spirit daily. Job 32:8. And I prove what Luke 17:21 says.

And many of us within the Christian faith can testify that spiritual existence is as real as physical existence.

3. Knowing,  what about the nature  of things , do all things have the same nature or  do things have  different  natures ?

Well, all things do not have the same nature. So things do have different natures.

And, as indicated above, physical matter has its own nature. Also, spiritual substance has its own nature. But many of us pay much more interest to our physical side. And we pay less interest to the spirit that is within us. Job 32:8.


By Edward Fagan





“Evidence”, or “proof”, uncovers truth. Therefore we can use evidence to prove God’s existence for our selves.


Here are two types of evidence or proof.

A. Nonphysical or Experiential proof: proof that we gain only through mental or inner experience rather than by physical observation. And which we can not demonstrate to others because the senses can not discern it. Thus others can not verify it. And we acquire this proof through our mental and inner faculties. And in the form of visions, dreams, inner inspiration and similar forms of experience. So we prove that this type of evidence does exist whenever we experience it, as mentioned above.

B. Physical or observational proof: proof that we gain only through physical observation. And which we can demonstrate to others because the senses can discern it. Thus others can verify it. And we acquire this proof when we study and observe physical objects and physical activity.

The first type, “A”, can only establish truth in the area of nonphysical reality. While the second type, “B”, can only establish truth in the area of physical reality. So, clearly, we can use only type “A” above to prove God’s existence. And only through type “A” above are we able to receive communication and benevolence from God.

Evidence proving God’s existence 

Various places in the Bible show people receiving from God, benevolent acts, visions, dreams and inspiration. And all of these people are proving God’s existence during their experiences as mentioned above in “A”.

So below, I give several examples of some of these people and their moments of proving God’s existence.

• Luke 1:11-20, 26-38, 2:8-20; Matthew 1:18-25, 2:7-14; Acts 2:41,42, 9:1-7.

Also, Rene Descartes, the distinguished French philosopher and mathematician (1596 – 1650), proved God’s existence. And we can read it in a part of his philosophical work as named below.

• First Proof of the Existence of God in Meditation 3

• Second Proof of the Existence of God

Evidence: conditions for, and access to getting it 

But are they any conditions that we must meet to be able to prove God’s existence? Yes, we must have faith (Hebrews 11:1) in him. And this faith must motivate us to daily keep the ten commandments. And also, we must live by the other aspects of God’s will for us.

So when we make God’s laws and will for us our daily way of life, God sends his spirit with us. John 14:21,23. And God answers our prayers. 1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 3:22; Proverbs 15:8,29; John 9:31; Psalm 34:15-17; Psalm 66:18,19. Thus, as God gives us these experiences we prove his existence.

So God taught Abraham his laws and his will, and Abraham lived by them. (Genesis 26:5) And Abraham was a friend of God (James 2:23) thus he proved God’s existence. Also, Abraham did this 430 years before God wrote down those laws, for the first time, for Moses and Israel.

And can we initiate the occurrence of such occasions of proof of God’s existence? Yes we can, and we do this whenever we ask God for a favour and he grants it to us. Thus we prove his existence. But we must qualify for this to happen by daily keeping the commandments and doing God’s will.

So we can prove that God exists. And we do prove that he exists whenever he communicates with us, and whenever he acts toward us. And this proof is clear. Also, daily this writer proves that God exists, and he testifies to daily experiencing what Christ says at Luke 17:21.

By Edward Fagan

This post fulfills a promise I made in the last post “Proof And God’s Existence: Briefly”. And there I promised to show in the next post (this post) how we can prove God’s existence.

Proof of God’s existence through physical observation is what some people constantly seek.

And they deny God’s existence because they’re unable to find such proof. Yet they accept his nonexistence without being able to prove it.

And strangely, they do not seek such physical evidence in other areas of life. As they accept phenomena, partake in activities and interact with others daily without proving anything first.

So, do they demand proof of the safety of food and drink first before they dine at a restaurant? Thus, like the rest of us, they generally live by faith rather than proof.

Plus, there’s evidence whose existence we can only verify by our own personal experience of such evidence. And we can not demonstrate to others verification of such evidence.

We prove to our self, the existence of our own physical pain when we experience it. But we can not prove to others the existence of that pain. Similarly, we can prove to our self God’s existence. Yet we can not demonstrate that proof of God’s existence to others.

By Edward Fagan

(I promise to show how we can prove God’s existence in the next post.)

“Briefly” is a weekly feature of this blog

Faith, A Necessary Fact Of Life

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Indifference, love and hate 

Indifference does not share any similarities with love or hate. But love and hate as qualities do share similarities which prevent them from being opposites.

While indifference as a quality unbinds us from its objects, both love and hate draw us toward their respective objects. Hence, indifference is the opposite of both love and hate, and love and hate are similar to each other.

And this is true although desires that motivate us when we practise love or hate are opposites of each other. Also, our acts of love or hate affect others in ways that are opposites of each other.

And there’re going to be times that we need to distance ourselves from certain objects or activities. So on such occasions we can choose to be indifferent toward those objects or activities to our advantage.

Emasculating Men

Emasculation of some partners in a relationship is an act that some females think they can’t avoid to do.

These females also think that they can succeed in such emasculation without their partner realizing what they’re doing. Furthermore, these females think that their partner should accept this treatment when he starts to experience it. They think, too, that he should not leave the relationship after he starts to suffer from their attempt to emasculate him.

Well, that’s fine for these females but not for some of us males as we just exit the relationship. Such females then are wondering why no male stays in a relationship with them; and in their old age many of these females are going to end up confused, and all alone by themselves.

By Edward Fagan

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Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activists defend a good cause and I support them all the way; but still, I want to raise a few points in this area.

Around the world, humans have created bodies to protect and defend animals and their rights. We create and maintain shelters for animals; and raise funds for veterinarian services and to cover the costs of prosecuting animal abusers in the law courts.

Animal rights and protecting human life

When humans abuse domestic animals, activists quickly and correctly stand up and defend the animals. Sometimes, however, domestic animals kill humans, but when this happens activists refuse to respond.

Occasionally, somebody’s pit bull slays a little child from another family, but the activists say and do nothing. They do not even extend condolences to the child’s family.

Is somebody saying that animal rights are more important than the life of a human? I hope not because the Bible says otherwise in John 3: 16, and in other parts of scripture; and Christ died and resurrected for humans only.

Should activists assist families of humans that animals without owners, or of unknown owners fatally attacked without provocation, after such attacks? If the answer to this question is yes, then activists can consider two choices.

They can create a fund to assist the families of persons who animals fatally attacked. Or otherwise they could assist such families from resources they currently use to defend animals against abuse from us.

Or do we need to create a human rights body to identify and protect our rights against animals? This body could offer at least moral support to victims of unprovoked and sometimes fatal attacks from animals?

By Edward Fagan

Children’s Rights, Protecting Them From Us

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Vision-less People

Vision-less people, credit and admiration

Vision-less persons are a strong, fearless and easy-going bunch; but we do not realize this. We thus do not give them half as much credit and recognition as they deserve.

Living without physical vision and going about their daily affairs normally, as many of these people do, seem totally impossible. They yet function and perform life’s tasks without giving up or constantly complaining.

We who can see do all of the complaining and we’re the ones who create all of the problems. This, perhaps, is why we who have sight suffer the most from anxiety.

I’m therefore not surprised to find that most sightless people are relaxed and contented. Many of us, perhaps, would not function as well as they do if we were in their situation.

Recently I watched one of these persons walking briskly and with good bearing while tapping his stick against the pavement; and he seemed confident and sure of where he was going. He also reached his destination safely and returned home safely.

I’ll continue to sympathize with and assist these persons; and I’ll also continue to recognize their success at living with the daily problems that they face.

By Edward Fagan

The Weekly Thought

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Abuse, A Suggestion For

Single parent mothers who do a good job at it are always better for the home and children; likewise, an abusive and careless father is useless.

One of the features of the ideal home is where both parents and children live together; but sometimes both mother and children suffer abuse when they live with the father.

When this happens, the mother and children should move away from the father, or ask him to move away from them.

Several abusive fathers lived in the neighborhood in which I grew up; and regularly those fathers abused the mothers of their children in the presence of the children; and some of my friends who lived in those homes shared their experiences with me.

A single parent home where the mother and children had to escape from an abusive father can be a loving, warm and happy home.

I grew up in a home with only my mother and three sisters; and my mother was loving, strong, independent and strict; and she performed her role as a single parent faultlessly. Our mother protected our family and home from abuse and we shared love, peace and freedom.

By Edward Fagan

Abuse, A Suggestion For Ending It

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