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Group Reminded Me Of

Group made enemies of all nations but no friends or allies.

Group viewed every individual, every people, and every country as their most hated enemies. Even people in Iraq and Syria, the two countries of their operation, suffered fom their acts of hatred and brutality.

They brutally killed or punished anyone in Iraq and Syria who did not pledge allegiance to, or join them. People suffered this fate irrespective of their ethnicity or nationality.

Kidnapping, ambushing and armed assault they waged constantly against men, women, children, elderly persons and the military in both countries.

Their admirers and emulators outside of Iraq and Syria, meanwhile, displayed support by replicating their actions wherever and whenever possible.

Group acquired arms and lots of money for a while. 

Taking control of some areas in both countries, they confiscated arms from the retreating military in those areas; additionally, they acquired money by selling oil from areas they controlled in Syria.    

For the release of certain persons in their captivity, they demanded and often received large ransoms from governments. These ransoms usually amounted to millions of U.S. dollars.       

Group finally suffered defeat and no country assisted them.

As they made only enemies of all countries, all countries likewise made only an enemy of them; and this helped sealed their fate as a short lived organization and ensured their recent and complete defeat.

Their victims and the world welcomed their demise. The constant loss of life, and suffering and hopelessness they caused finally came to an end.

The conditions which they imposed on people who lived under their brief and tyrannical rule, reminded me of several values. These values I have always enjoyed and taken for granted.

Group actions make me remember these familiar values:

  • No one is an island, whether an individual, a social unit or a nation, so we’re thus interdependent and that
  • Peaceful and harmonious coexistence among nations is a universal necessity. This is necessary so that nations can realize economic, social, political and other aspirations.
  • Human life has worth and value, and the individual person is born with dignity and freedom; the state should not deny citizens these universal, moral values, also
  • Attaining national social, economic and political stability is important in its own right. This is also necessary so that citizens can realize their full potential, and finally
  • Love is not a lifeless ornamental concept, it is a living and vital necessity and that we should practice it. We practice it when we selflessly give to, share with, help, and perform other useful deeds for each other.

I hope that those in whom still lives the zeal for creating that empire, resist the temptation to do so. I also hope they do not repeat the actions of these tyrants so that people in both countries can recover. This should allow people there to gradually rebuild their lives and return to normal living once again.

By Edward Fagan

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Sexual Intercourse

Sexual Intercourse Requirements:

Sexual intercourse among humans, like most other human physical activity, commands us to meet certain requirements. We must meet these requirements if we are to practice the true and correct form of this activity.
We need to clearly identify these requirements if we are to practice true and safe sexual intercourse. This is necessary to avoid problems and diseases we suffer when we ignore these requirements in our sexual practice.

Sexual Intercourse, Identifying Its Requirements:

I wish to mention three requirements that we must meet in our effort to practice true and safe intercourse.

Requirement number one holds that: both partners involved must be human (not a man and an animal, for example).

Requirement number two is, that: one partner must be male and the other partner must be female (not two males, or two females imitating the sex act, for example).

The third requirement holds that: we must use both the male sex organ and the female sex organ simultaneously and together (not two female sex organs, or two male sex organs, or a male sex organ and an anus, or a female sex organ and an object other than a male sex organ, for example).

Sexual Intercourse, The Basis Of Its Requirements:

True human sexual intercourse must include all three of these scientifically factual requirements mentioned above. The very God who made us all commands these three requirements in the Bible. They also are all confirmed as healthy and sound, universally, by nature and by the pure and applied biological sciences.

Sexual Intercourse, Sensitivity Toward Others’ Feelings:

Please note that I do not aim to use the above statement to offend or annoy anyone, in any way. I wrote it, instead, to help clear the air surrounding an important topic about which there presently is much misunderstanding. I regret any offence experienced by readers of this post on this blog, and on Facebook and other social media.

By Edward Fagan

Edward Fagan Blog

July 21, 2018

(This is a previously published original post that I accidentally deleted from the blog. I thought it necessary that I republished it into the blog.)